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Mayurapada Central College

Mayurapada Central College was started in 1944 as one of the Central Colleges that were created during the decade of 1940 according to the concept of the pioneer, Dr. C. W. W. Kannangara, "The Father of free education" of Sri Lanka.

Title Details
Name of the School Mayurapada Central College
Address Narammala
No. of the School 17198
Founded in 5th January 1944
Founder Principal Mr. G. Jayasena
No. of Students Initially 69
Medium English (Sinhala medium started since 1952)
Parents Teachers Association Founded in 1945
Senior School Certificate Classes Started in 1953
Golden Era of the School 1948 - 1961 (Period of Principal Mr. A. P. T. De Vass)
Grade of the School 1A
District Kurunegala
Zone Giriulla
Division Alawwa
Extent of the Land 12 Acres & 26 perches