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About School

Mayurapada Central College was started in 1944 as one of the Central Colleges that wer created during the decade of 1940 according to the concept of the pioneer, Dr. C.W.W. Kannangara, "The Father of free education" of Sri Lanka.

Founded in :- 5th January 1944‍‍‍‍
Founder Principal :- G. Jayasena‍‍‍‍
No. of students initially :- 69‍‍‍‍
No. of teachers initially :- 06‍‍‍‍
Medium :- English (Sinhala medium started since 1952)‍‍‍‍
Parents Teachers Association Founded in :- 1945 ‍‍‍‍
Senior School Certificate classes started in :- 1953‍‍‍‍
Golden Era of the school :- 1948-1961(Period of Principal Mr. A.P.T.De Vass‍‍‍‍
Name of the School :- Mayurapada Central College ‍‍‍‍
Address :- Narammala‍‍‍‍
No. of the School :- 17198‍‍‍‍
Grade of the School :- 1A‍‍‍‍
District :- Kurunegala‍‍‍‍
Zone :- Giriulla‍‍‍‍
Division :- Alawwa‍‍‍‍
Extent of the land :- 12 Acres & 26 perches‍‍‍‍

School Song

Matha narammala medi viduhal

serade dambadeni jeewaya we...//

apa situvili mala - hinehe nelawe - Obe dethe...//

sisu daru kelakege nena esa pada..

jeewithaye jaya marga sada dun

bagya maani apage...

mulu helabimatama - sithumina sewe..

perakumba kala sahitha sewe

keerthisara mauni

matha narammala...

re da diwa sewane Obe rendemu

mathru devi serade...

worede.. wejabe....viduhal apa matha

matha narammala...//

School Crest

Here is the crest of Mayurapada Central College It is an another identity of the school. According to the illustration, circular background is surrounded by lotus petals. There is a lighted lamp inside. On the top there is a "Dhamma Chakra" It suggests that school depends on Buddhist principles. At the bottom of the circle the name of the school, Mayurapada Madya Vidyalaya is mentioned.

A wonderful story lines behind this creation of crest. A need of a crest was badly felt with the beginning of the Central School. Accordingly, the principal of that period, Mr. A.P.T. Vass informed the students and parents Teachers Association about a competition to create a crest for the school. Finally a board considered and selected the best crest. The wonder was that the crest was drawn by the principal Mr. A.P.T. Vass. He was not only a veteran principal but also a capabe artist.

This crest is worn by the students and it is used in every document which represents the school

School Flag

School Motto

"Vidya Dadathi Vinayan"

(Education produces a disciplined man)

This motto was proposed by Rammuthugala Saranapala Thero, the High priest of Ganegoda Raja Maha Vihara. Thero was not only the patron of the school but also a teacher of Buddhism.
He devoted his entire life for the service without getting any salary for his service