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Principal - Mr. D. P. R. Dinesh Chathuranga

Glory of Mayurapada Central College owes a lot to late honorable Minister of Education Dr. C.W.W.Kannangara as it was a brain child of him. Since then Mayurapada is enlightening lives of brainy pupils through high quality education and discipline.

Mayurapada is a fine fruit of the devotion dedication and commitment of various scholars, professionals and outstanding social workers. Mayurapada has been made a brilliant star of the universe by the outstanding past pupils who brought fame in many fields: academic and extracurricular activities. At the verge of reaching its Golden Jubilee we are proud to say that Mayurapada has made the dream of Dr. Kannangara true.

Reputation earned by Mayurapada at the Performance of G.C.E. O/L and A/L examinations is an evidence of the high quality education it provides. At present we are globally identified through our web-site. Our fame will be renowned in every hook and corner of the world. Consisting hundred and sixty academic staff, Non-Academic staff, the facilities provided fir both curricular and extra-curricular activities Mayurapada wins the laurel with extension of global rendition. Every Product of Mayurapada is a perfect individual who is able to contribute and lead the nation intellectually emotionally and spiritually. We hope the generation at present and the generations who are yet to come will commit themselves for the upliftment of the name Mayurapada.

The present generation of Mayurapada including academic, non-academic and pupils is responsible to safe guard pasture for the future. We strive ourselves to keep Mayurapada hand in Hand with the global community as a monarch.

At this opportunity, I extend my warm welcome to you to flock around Mayurapada making it a place which builds a nation intellectually emotionally and spiritually

Thank you,
Mr. Dinesh Chathuranga