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Past Pupils Association

Mayurapada Central College by its name was estiblished in 1944 according to the concept of Dr. C.W.W. Kannangaera. It has already arrived a long continuous and steady step since then. The Past Pupils Association came in to being in 1955 which function even today exdending its support to the upliftment of the school with the motive of developing its physical resources educational and social progress and cultural well being as well.

The students educated in this school continue serving the world community by working in different fields in different countries of the world. img

Working committee of Past Pupils Association

             Mr.Jayantha Ruvanpathirana

             Mr.Piyasiri vendabona


Past Chairmans of Past Pupils Association

             Mr. Piyasiri Vendabona 1955-1988
             Mr. D.M.Karunarathna 1988-1989
             Mr. S.M.Jayathilaka 1989-2003
             Mr. S.M.Jayathilaka 1989-2003
             Mr. Y.R.Thilakarathna 2009-2013
             Mr. Sudesh Perera 2013-2014
             Mr. Sriyantha Arampath 2014
             Mr. Jayantha Ruvanpathirana 2017